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Bill Drake - Rochester, New York


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Bill Drake (56K)

April 6, 1969

Bill Drake (64K)

Bill Drake of Rochester, New York bought his Austin two-door sedan from Anderson Industries of Elkridge, Maryland. Anderson Industries made fiberglass components for the Austin two-door, including the nose, doors, deck lid, and rear fenders. This was the car they used as a pattern for the fiberglass molds. Bill paid $50 for the car, $125 for the nose, $20 for a kit, $150 for the doors, $45 for glass, and $85 for the deck lid and started building "OL' RUMBLE GUTS".

Bill Drake (38K)

Going to the right.
First run on car.
Niagara Falls, New York
May 1966
10.94 - 127.85
S/S Dodge exhaust system.
Likes to go to the left.

Bill Drake (46K)

Fall 1966.
Atco, New Jersey
Fall NASCAR Meet and Ultra Stock Show
Went 10.09 on a 10.25 record.

Bill Drake (44K)

Early 1967
Niagara, New York
Guess not too many tracks had photographers!
We went to a lot of places.

Bill Drake (32K)

Winter 1967.
Top chopped.
Painted black with gold and red flames.

Drag Times (212K)

Dover, Wingdale, New York. Big gasser meet. I had a flat tire, so borrowed these 12.5 x 16's from a bunch of guys up from N.Y.C. with an A/GAS Supercharged '40 Willys. He was able to spin these with no effort. Which is why he loaned them to me! Well the Austin didn't like those tires. You can see it is going to the left and the wheels are up. Another 100 feet and I had to lift. Too bad. We had everybody covered by 3 tenths that day.

When back home I bought a set of 16" rims and tires, changed the suspension points, and dropped into the 9 teens.

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